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How do I find past/present NYT best sellers on CD?

I'd like to listen to audio books that are/were on the New York Times best seller list. While I can easily find the paper version of present NYT best sellers, most books don't have audio version. By the time the audio version came out, the book usually comes off the list.

I wonder if there is a way to find audio books that were on NYT best seller list?

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You are right about a gap in time between the publication of a printed work that lands on the New York Times best seller list and the availability of the audiobook version of the title.  Our Collection Services selectors keep a keen eye on the titles on the best seller lists with an interest in choosing the audiobook or electronic formats of the same.  Presently, there is no easy way to know what audiobooks in the FCPL collection have been on the New York Times best seller lists.  What you may want to do is go to  Find the Browse books tab; then choose Browse by lists.  You'll find that NY Times Best Sellers is a heading under which you can determine the New York Times best seller titles of the past that are in audiobook format.  Then, you can check in our catalog to see if we have the titles that interest you.  If you find we do not have the titles you have identified, you are encouraged to use the Suggest a Title option in the online catalog.  You'll find it as the fourth tab in the banner when you sign in.  Selectors research and evaluate customer suggestions for purchase and act upon the suggestions as collection parameters and materials budget allow.

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