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I accidentally returned a book that is not owned by Fairfax County Public Library.

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2015  |  592 Views
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If ownership markings for another institution are present, items are returned as a courtesy by mail or, for participating surrounding county library systems and Fairfax County Public Schools, by courier service. Please allow for 1-2 months for delivery as delivery methods differ for receiving institutions.  No records are kept of non-FCPL items returned.

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  1. Is there anyway to find out if a school library book was accidentally returned? We have lost a school library book and think it was accidentally brought back to Fairfax county library, but are not sure. Is there a place to call that collects these types of books that would have a record so we can determine, yes or no that this is the case or not? thanks!
    by Denise Mohler on Feb 14, 2013.