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How does items nearby on the shelf work?

I opened the catalog for Day 21 by Kass Morgan and then clicked nearby items on shelf. This found The 100 but not Homecoming which is also by Kass Morgan. Seems odd.
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Items Nearby on Shelf starts a new search using the call number of the currently displayed item and the user's default home branch as search terms. In the case of the item Day 21 and a user whose home branch may be King's Park Library the Items Nearby search would use YSF MOR (call number for Day 21) and King's Park as the search terms. Any items that fit those terms would then display, inclduing other nearby call numbers that were owned by King's Park (i.e. YSF MUL, YSF NES, etc.). If the home or default branch does not own a copy of a title it would not display in the search. If the branch does own a copy, even if it's checked out, it will display. Homecoming is not owned by King's Park library currently so it was not displayed as a search result.

The library collection is floating, which means library ownership does change as materials are returned. This means an item may be displayed in a future search if ownership changed.

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